We find truth when others try to hide it.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured Private Investigation Agency in the State of Iowa, based in Waverly.

We provide our clients with an extensive range of investigative experience, skills, technologies and resources to legally and ethically obtain the honest, verifiable facts, answers and proof you need.  These abilities, coupled with over 35 years of practical experience, will help you effectively evaluate and interpret that information, and, present effective courtroom testimony when needed.

Our clients include law firms of all specialties and sizes; prosecuting attorneys; colleges and universities; and private individuals who are in need of investigative expertise and/or expert testimony to discover, reveal, document and coherently present the truth in both criminal and civil court cases.  We have been sought out for consultations and to lend expertise to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and major law enforcement agencies within the State of Iowa, and we have worked with and for both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys on criminal cases in State and Federal Courts. 

Not all Private Investigators are alike.  Most simply do not have the depth of investigative experience we are uniquely qualified to offer our clients.

Initial consultations are always free, and are for the purpose of understanding the nature and scope of what information you wish to obtain, and to provide you with an honest assessment of the probability of obtaining the information sought, and a candid discussion of the amount of time necessary to accomplish the desired results.  And, if after talking to you it's apparent to us that you don't need a private investigator, we'll tell you that too.  In fact, we have that conversation a lot.  We will be honest with you, even at our own expense.

We adhere to the strictest standards of lawful and ethical behavior, and for that reason, we reserve the right to decline any client or investigation requested.

Unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance, a retainer, and the execution of a Professional Services Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement will be required prior to any investigative efforts being undertaken.

We may be reached at 319-483-5250.

Please note this is an INCOMING only phone line, and that any call made by us will appear on caller ID as RESTRICTED, UNKNOWN or BLOCKED.  If this number shows up on your caller ID, it is not us!