Cell Phone Data Extraction and Recovery

Evidence of just about anything can be found on a cell phone in this day and age. Cheating spouses, secret relationships, dishonest employees, you name it, in the hands of the right professional, all of these questions can potentially be answered from a single examination of a cell phone.

Integral Investigations is one of the few, non-government resources available in the State of Iowa with the equipment and unique expertise to conduct non-destructive forensic recovery, extraction and analysis of most popular Android and iOS phones and devices, and the only member of the Iowa Association of Private Investigators in the State offering these services at this time

We utilize state of the art forensic examination software and tools which are capable of extracting the entire contents of a device, including images, videos, SMS and MMS messages, Social Media activity, Phone Application use and history, web browsing history, GPS location information, contacts, calendars, incoming and outgoing call history, e-mail accounts, passwords and in some instances even partial or total location and recovery of deleted files for most popular Android and IOS phones and tablet devices. Once extracted, detailed analysis can be conducted later and specific questions answered.

Our system also has new features which permit not only the physical examination of a phone itself, but we can also now analyze backups of iOS devices stored in iCloud. 

**Disclaimer**  No two devices are alike, and no guarantee of success can be made for any specific phone from any specific carrier in any specific situation.  We literally cannot predict what information, or success we may, or may not have with any particular device UNTIL we hook it up and physically assess the situation with that particular device.

A recent extraction report showing the depth of information located, and recovered from an iPhone (note the DELETED items in RED that were found AND recovered!)